Activa Healthcare has changed its name to L&R

We have transformed into L&R
Calling all clinicians caring for leg ulcer patients
Every Moment Matters

L&R is the new name for Activa Healthcare

The name, logo and brand colours might be new but we’ve actually been part of L&R for the past 8 years.

All the things you like about us are staying the same, including our Activa® and ActiLymph® hosiery ranges.

Assess, Dress, Compress

Our products are designed to work together to assist in the improvement of clinical outcomes and quality of life for the patient. L&R ( formerly known as Activa Healthcare ) advocates a simple and systematic approach to efficient and effective wound care: ‘Assess’ the wound and surrounding skin, ‘Dress’ with an appropriate dressing and ‘Compress’ from our range of compression products.

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