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Activa brand liners from L&R ( formerly known as Activa Healthcare ) provide 10mmHg light compression for maintenance therapy, palliative care and for patients non concordant with higher levels of compression. 3 liners are in each box.


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Ordering codes

Closed Toe Liners

Colour PIP code Hospital code
Small Black 387-0805
Medium Black 387-0813
Large Black 387-0821
X Large Black 387-0839
XX Large Black 387-0847
Small Sand 326-9750 EGD 147
Medium Sand 326-9768 EGD 264
Large Sand 326-9776 EGD 265
X Large Sand 326-9784 EGD 266
XX Large Sand 326-9792 EGD 268
Small White 311-8767 EGD 251
Medium White 311-8775 EGD 250
Large White 311-8783 EGD 249
X Large White 311-8791 EGD 248
XX Large White 311-8809 EGD 241

Open Toe Liners

Colour PIP code Hospital code
Small Sand 340-3557 EGD 569
Medium Sand 340-3565 EGD 570
Large Sand 340-3573 EGD 571
X Large Sand 340-3581 EGD 573
XX Large Sand 340-3599 EGD 572

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