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Suprasorb X+PHMB

A moist wound dressing for critically colonised and infected wounds

In detail

Suprasorb® X+PHMB aids wound healing or reduction of the wound area of wounds at risk of infection or infected wounds.

Its HydroBalance effect means it is able to absorb exudate and donate fluid at the same time, dependent on the condition in different areas of the wound bed. Providing a moist wound healing environment.

PMHB exerts antimicrobial action against a wide spectrum of pathogens*: fast and effective in killing bacteria, fungi and yeasts.

It selectively acts on bacteria without affecting healthy cells. Suprasorb X+PHMB releases PHMB to work within the wound not just in the dressing.

The moist environment and cooling effect of Suprasorb X+PHMB is perceived as pleasant and soothing. It is highly conformable and well tolerated.

*See instruction for use for in-vitro spectrum

Recommended e-learning modules

Suprasorb® X+PHMB

The structure and mode of action of an antimicrobial dressing that incorporates HydroBalance technology.

Wound infection

Identifying at risk patients and recognising wound infection. Infection management, including antimicrobial agents available.

Common questions


Indications for use:

light to moderately exuding, superficial and deep, infected wounds E.g. pressure ulcers, venous/arterial ulcers, diabetic ulcers, partial thickness burns, post-operative wounds, skin donor and skin grafting sites


Full thickness burns, cartilage injuries. Do not use Suprasorb X+PHMB on patients sensitive to any of the components of the dressing.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code Hospital code
Antimicrobial Dressing (5 singles) 5cm x 5cm 20540 344-0575 ELY 243
Antimicrobial Dressing (5 singles) 9cm x 9cm 20541 344-0583 ELY 244
Antimicrobial Dressing (5 singles) 14cm x 20cm 20542 344-0591 ELY 265
Antimicrobial rope (5 pieces) 2cm x 21cm 20543 344-0609 ELY 245

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