How to use ActiWrap

Acti-Wrap Latex-Free is a comfortable retention bandage, it is cohesive so sticks to itself but not skin or clothing. No pins or tape required

Bandaging the elbow

The technique begins with flexing the arm to approximately 45-degrees, and with two turns of ActiWrap around the elbow, over the bony prominence.

The arm is kept at the 45-degree angle and the bandage is applied in a figure-of-eight with one turn just above the elbow and a second turn below the elbow.

This figure-of-eight method continues with each turn of ActiWrap overlapping the lower bandage by 50% and each turn higher (above the elbow) or lower (below the elbow) than the previous turn.

When the dressing is covered and secured, the figure-of-eight turns can reverse and gradually meet in the centre of the elbow.

The figure-of-eight method, (plus the 45-degree angle of the arm), permits flexibility of the elbow without disturbing the dressing.

Bandaging the knee

A knee bandage would be applied in a similar way to that of an elbow bandage. However, care should be observed in the case of the patient with oedema as any localised bandage could reduce venous return, increasing the potential for leg ulceration, particularly when compression is not used.

Intravenous Cannula Bandage

Once the cannula is sited, an intravenous dressing can be used to hold the cannula in situ and to prevent clinical infection. The ActiWrap will then provide additional security.

The bandage would begin with two turns above the cannula site. Figure-of-eight method could also be used with the second turn below and beneath the head of the cannula.

The third turn would be above the cannula site but 50% below the first turn of the bandage. The figure-of-eight method would continue until all but the head of the cannula is covered.

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