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Cellona® Synthetic Undercast Padding

Soft and protective: Cellona Synthetic Undercast Padding is a synthetic padding material which protects soft tissue and prominent boney areas.

In detail

The Synthetic Undercast Padding can be used for a number of different applications. In addition to its protective function under plaster of Paris and synthetic casts, it is used as padding for splints and compression bandages. In wound care, the synthetic cotton wool is used for padding when combined with textile dressings or paraffin gauze dressings.

Key benefits

  • padding underneath compression bandages and splints
  • fibres are connected tightly enough for circular application
  • fibres can be separated where needed by pulling lightly
  • air-permeable
  • temperature-equalising
  • does not absorb moisture
  • for protection of exposed bones and nerves under Plaster of Paris or synthetic casts

Common questions


Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
5cm x 2.7m 12 units 31836 214-5845 EPE026
5cm x 2.7m 96 units 92840 214-5845 EPE026
7.5cm x 2.7m 12 units 31837 214-5852 EPA036
7.5cm x 2.7m 72 units 92841 214-5852 EPA036
10cm x 2.7m 12 units 31838 214-5860 EPA035
10cm x 2.7m 48 units 92842 214-5860 EPA035
15cm x 2.7m 12 units 31839 214-5878 EPE027
15cm x 2.7m 36 units 92843 214-5878 EPE027

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