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Rosidal Soft

Rosidal soft is made out of a skin-friendly, latex-free polyurethane foam which is very permeable to air and moisture. The synthetic foam bandage is tear-resistant and retains its elasticity even after repeated washing.

In detail

Rosidal soft is a padding that us used under compression bandages in lymphoedema, chronic oedema and venous leg ulcers

Key benefits

  • Lengthwise and widthwise stretch
  • Even distribution of pressure to compensate for minor imperfections in bandaging technique
  • Facilitates patient comfort
  • Reduces bandage slippage
  • Very permeable to air and moisture
  • Tear-resistant and stretchable

Common questions


Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
Individually packed in a cardboard box
10cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 23111 380-4606 ECA274
12cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 23112 380-4614 ECA275
15cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 23113 380-4622 ERJ034

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