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A podiatrist writes

Andrew Sharpe – Advanced Podiatrist, West Lancashire Community Care and Lecturer Practitioner, University of Huddersfield.

Where does the year go?

The summer solstice approaches and with it the longest day, these days as a child made me think the summer would last for ever! But now this point of the year reminds me how quickly time passes, and those ulcers that presented earlier in the year, whichever way you measure, are most certainly chronic! So how do we help them on their way before Christmas gets here? Well, one of my approaches has changed over the years with the use of Debrisoft; I now address chronic granulation with effective debridement, which includes the use of Debrisoft. I cover this further in a couple of case studies, you can have a look in Podiatry Now – ‘The use of monofilament debridement pad in diabetic foot ulcer’ March 2017 or British Journal of Nursing Supplement ‘Debrisoft: revolutionising debridement’ Autumn 2011 (2011! wow, time really does fly!)

P.S. This time of the year is also a sign of the future as the new graduates emerge from University, look out for the excellent knowledge base of the podiatry students from the University of Huddersfield – class of 2017! I’m hoping there will be a couple of future wound care specialists in there, after all their clinical training has been influenced by the best!!!! (this is very much my own, biased opinion, good luck to all new graduates)

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