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Bev and Penny's story

This lovely couple are Bev and Penny Wilson. Penny emailed us about her husband's lymphoedema and subsequent treatment with ReadyWrap. Here's their story:

‘When my husband Bev started his treatment for lymphoedema, his legs were enormous and the skin on his lower legs and feet had turned black, on top of which huge swellings had formed on his ankles, as well as small hard lumps all over his lower legs.

It would not be an exaggeration to say his ankles resembled elephant feet. His legs were so unsightly, he felt unable to wear his shorts in the hot weather.

The insteps of his feet were so puffed up, they resembled rubber gloves inflated to bursting. I had never seen legs as bad as his, even after scouring medical websites.

Over this period of time, Bev had gone from wearing normal but oversized shoes and trainers, to being unable to get any shoes on his feet at all. In the end, a specialist shoe shop offered to help by stitching long Velcro extensions to the widest fitting medical sandal they stocked. He had to have about 8" Velcro extensions on the widest part of his feet.

At long last, Bev was offered an appointment at his GP Surgery with a specialist lymphodema nurse from L&R and she recommended the ReadyWrap. We started with his right leg, and after 3 months, the transformation is unbelievable. We have been able to cut off all the Velcro extended strap on his right sandal and this sandal is now too wide! The results are so good that his skin is nearly back to a normal colour and he could now get his right foot into a normal wide fitting shoe.

On achieving the results with the ReadyWrap, I became very emotional. I think this was just a manifestation of the enormous relief I felt, as I had had visions of Bev never being able to get shoes on his feet again and becoming housebound permanently. Bev is now wearing a compression sock on his right leg and Esther has ordered some permanent compression socks which Bev will always need to use.

We still have a journey ahead of us because Bev has to get walking to improve the muscle function in his legs, having been so sedentary for so long, but at least the ReadyWrap has made that possible and given us hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel!’

Penny and Bev Wilson

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