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Care from my nurses

How my nurses have helped me

Nurses have played a major part in treating my leg ulcer. It is the nurses job to change all the dressings and complete records about me rather than the doctor. I want people to recognise the role the nurses play.

I have come up with my TOP 5 things that the nurses have done to help and support me through my leg ulcer journey.

  • Explaining

When you have a leg ulcer the nurses, doctors and specialist use a variety of technical language and it can be quite difficult to understand it all. My nurses are really good at taking the time to actually explaining everything in a way that I can understand. They will explain what my dressings are and how they work also they will explain anything that's been written in my notes that isn’t clear to me.

  • Tailoring my treatment

My nurses are really good at tailoring and changing my treatments accordingly to fit with what stage my leg ulcer is at for example f it is weepy, they will pick the correct dressing. My treatment is personal to me and no-one else.

  • Monitoring my mental state not just my wound

I have good days and bad and that makes my moods go up and down as well, I have made quite a bond with the nurses I see and they are very good at noticing my mental state and if I need any additional help at home.

  • Being an extra support system.

Sometime I don't want to burden my family with all the worries that comes with my leg. Having the extra support from the nurses means I can tell them everything that I don't like sharing withmy family

  • Listening to what I want.

The best thing my nurses do, is listen to what I want to do with my leg, after all it's my leg and I know what I'm feeling. They don’t just go ahead with treatment without input from me.

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