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Cool alternative to bandages

I was shopping at the supermarket recently in this hot weather.

My attention was taken by an elderly lady with one leg bandaged heavily with what looked like several layers of bandages.
It made me think – do we really appreciate what patients have to cope with during their treatment?
What must it be like to have a leg bandaged in such hot weather?

We know compression should be a first-line treatment option but have we considered other ways of delivering this for our patients?
The Best Practice Statement on holistic management of venous leg ulcers gives our patients a cooler alternative.
Within the treatment pathway hosiery kits are recommended as first line for venous leg ulcers management.

This is not only a cooler alternative, it’s a great self-care solution, allowing some patients to manage their own care.

We also know that if patients use hosiery kits as part of their treatment they are more likely to wear it as a maintenance treatment after healing and therefore reduce their risk of reoccurrence (Ashby et al, 2014).

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