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Flivasorb Adhesive is getting a new name

Flivasorb Adhesive, our superabsorbent wound dressing for highly exuding wounds, is getting a new name and will be called Vliwasorb Adhesive, joining the Vliwasorb Family.

Vliwasorb Adhesive remains the same great product, absorbing twice as much exudate as traditional absorbent dressings, creating an optimal moist healing environment and retaining harmful protease enzymes that are typically carried in chronic wound exudate.

Key benefits of Vliwasorb Adhesive

  • absorbs and retains high volumes of exudate
  • extends wear time - reducing nursing time and cost
  • locks away harmful proteases and bacteria which could otherwise delay healing
  • protects against maceration - improving peri-wound skin
  • improves patients' quality of life

Vliwasorb Adhesive

From the 2nd November 2020 Flivasorb Adhesive will become Vliwasorb Adhesive, and can be ordered using the following codes:

Product description (unit) Size (cm) PIP-Code
Vliwasorb Adhesive Superabsorbent (10 singles) 12cm x 12cm 415-8481
Vliwasorb Adhesive Superabsorbent (10 singles) 15cm x 15cm 415-8408
Vliwasorb Adhesive Superabsorbent (10 singles) 15cm x 25cm 415-8499

For any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Customer Solutions team, or contact us via our live Webchat, or social media channels.

For more information on Vliwasorb Adhesive click here.

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