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Leg ulcers and self-care

I recently re-read parts of the NHS Five Year Forward View (NHS 2014) to remind myself what it actually says about empowering patients. This document sets out a new shared vision for the future of the NHS based around new models of care.

The issue of self-care is now more relevant than ever and the document states ‘we will do more to support people to manage their own health – staying healthy, making informed choices of treatment, managing conditions and avoiding complications.

The management of venous leg ulcers fits beautifully into this philosophy as explained in the new Best Practice Statement on Holistic Management of Venous Leg Ulceration (Wounds UK 2016).

It also takes readers through a new model of care – a leg ulcer treatment algorithm, where hosiery kits are recommended as first line. This challenges traditional treatment pathways, where compression bandaging has been the first line approach.

If you would like to listen to Caroline Dowsett present the importance of self-care in managing venous leg ulcers at the launch of the Best Practice Document at last year’s Wounds UK conference symposium then please see the video below.


NHS (2014) Five Year Forward View. Available at www.england.nhs.uk

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