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My life in a hosiery kit

I used to feel self-conscious in bandages but am now wearing a leg ulcer hosiery kit. I go out more now than I used to because I feel better about myself which in turn gives me more energy and I know the stocking isn’t noticeable and people aren't looking at me.

I feel like there is so much more I can do now, it makes me mentally a stronger and happier person knowing I can get back to being myself a bit more and my leg is not always on my mind. Also in a hosiery kit I can pretty much wear any type of trousers now, including leggings and skinny jeans.

The bandages were very visible, it would make my children worried they’d hurt me. In a hosiery kit they don't worry about my leg so much because they tend to forget about it.

The bandages had to be applied by someone who has been properly trained so I had to go to the doctor’s surgery twice a week and have the nurse do my dressing changes. Once I learnt the best way to put the stocking on I could start doing my own dressing changes at home.

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