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Ready for Winter? Keeping leg conditions under wraps and in good shape.

"How the year has flown by and we are only weeks away from a new one, but the winter weather is looming and who knows what it will bring. In Yorkshire, my home, we have experienced severe floods in the past week, resulting in people being cut off and evacuated from homes.

My first thought was... how are the community services coping and what of their patients expecting visits?

With management of the lower limb conditions there are many options now available to us such as the ReadyWrap compression wrap system, easy to apply and in separate pieces from the toes up to the thigh. In my trust we have patients of all ages and lower limb conditions such as lymphoedema, leg ulceration, healed and in prevention of recurrence of ulcers wearing ReadyWrap.

Their feedback is it is comfortable, easy to apply with the Velcro strapping, cannot over compress and enables footwear and mobility as normal.

For healthcare professionals we can have peace of mind that should we be unable to get to our patients in adverse winter weather or cancelling clinics, ReadyWrap can provide self-care independence and therapy continuing.

Plan ahead, don’t be caught out, forget the Festive stocking – get the seasonal Wrap Ready!"

Alison Schofield, Community Tissue Viability Services Lead, North Lincolnshire & Goole NHS Foundation Trust

For more information follow Alison on Twitter: @alischofield12

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