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Review of EWMA in Poland

Clare Morris, Senior Clinical Services Manager

Seeing is believing…

I have recently returned from the EWMA conference in Poland.

Two things struck me;

Nearly every presentation I listened to began with a reference to the Guest et al Burden of wounds study. There have been five papers so far, with another two coming this year! In my 27 years in wound care, I have not known a more important and valuable piece of work. L&R are very proud to have been one of the supporting woundcare companies.

The second this that struck me was the increasing number of posters and presentations that have used the MolecuLight camera helping clinicians detect fluorescent bacteria.

This brings me neatly on to our own ePoster which I had the pleasure of presenting. In an evaluation of 14 patients the performance of Debrisoft was compared to a pre-moistened cleaning and debridement cloth in the removal of bacteria and biofilm using the MolecuLight camera. One of the outcomes of the study was finding out that bacteria are not always sitting in the wound bed. They are often around the peri-wound skin and under hyperkeratotic skin. This emphasised the importance of good wound and skin care, which of course is possible with Debrisoft during the same treatment. The other outcome was identifying that Debrisoft clearly removes both superficial and deeper pockets of bacteria and biofilm much better than the pre-moistened cleaning and debridement cloth. The images within the ePoster clearly demonstrate this and it can be found here.

What other treatment, that is so accessible to, and easy to use by clinicians would be able to remove not only surface but deeper areas of bacteria in a matter of minutes?

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