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'I' for Infection

As some of you will know, the TIME framework has been adapted to TIMES to incorporate the surrounding skin.

During the EWMA conference May 2017, there were several sessions that focused on the ā€˜Iā€™ of TIMES, and in particular, the management of biofilm in chronic wounds. Biofilm is a topic that has seen a rise in interest and understanding with a World Union consensus document being launched last year.

During EWMA, it was a new Best Practice Statement on biofilms produced by Wounds UK, that caught my eye because it manages to translate the complex science and information to make the day-to-day management of biofilm simple. It has been designed so that each section can be used separately or together.

Section 1 is designed for the generalist practitioner who manages chronic wounds on a daily basis and translated the complex biofilm information into a simple, easy to use algorithm. Section 2 comprises of 9 best practice statements with more detail and cross referencing. Section 3 is a unique section, knowledge and skills self-assessment.

Read the full 'Making Day-to-Day Biofilm Management Simple' here.

So, something for everyone!


Clare Morris

Senior Clinical Services Manager ActivaL&R

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