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TIMES made easy

I attended the Wounds UK conference in Harrogate last week and I was delivering a Made Easy session with my colleague John Timmons on The importance of Wound Bed Preparation, chronic wound biofilm management and how that can effect exudate levels.

The delegates really enjoyed the hands on aspect of using Debrisoft and Debrisoft Lolly to remove green biofilm like slime from wound models and then using Vliwasorb Pro, our new and improved superabsorbent dressing to absorb ‘fake’ exudate!

The key messages from the Made Easy session were that back to basics wound bed preparation and removing the barriers to healing, including biofilm, can have a very positive effect on kick starting static or slow to heal chronic wounds which in turn can reduce exudate levels. This is all incorporated in the TIMES (Wounds UK, 2016) acronym and holistic wound assessment.

Clare Morris

Senior Clinical Services Manager


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