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Wound care debate in the House of Lords

On the 20th November, a debate tabled by Lord Hunt, was held in the House of Lords on ‘Improving the standards of Wound Care in the NHS’.


At L&R we are encouraged to see wound care being recognised and the acknowledgement of the burden on clinicians and patients. Financially wound care costs the NHS over £5 billion p.a. as much as managing diabetes and obesity.

Lord Hunt has called for a wound care strategy focusing on wound prevention, healing and where possible patient self-care. Something we fully support at L&R.

At L&R we are guided by the ‘Best Practice Statement: holistic management of the venous leg ulceration’, an independent document written by expert clinicians.

Adopting its recommendations can lead to improved healing outcomes, improved patient quality of life and consistency of care – all of which Lord Hunt is proposing in a national wound care strategy.

We’d love to hear from you to discuss further adopting the Best Practice Statement guidance, so please send us an email:


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