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Wrap Revolution

If I had a leg ulcer I know I would really want to undertake as much of the treatment as possible, not just today, but for life.

It would put me in the driving seat regarding when I visited for reassessment and evaluation of treatment.

I don’t think this is just because I’m a nurse, but because I’m a busy, working person.

How would you feel if you had treatment options available to you that mean you could carry on with your life?

ReadyWrap is one of those treatment options that encourages this self-care revolution.

In an independent article written by two physical therapists in the USA published in the Journal of Wound Care, (Ehmann S, Bock K (2018) Case report to demonstrate the need for selection criteria for optimal adjustable Velcro prescription. Journal of Wound Care, North American Supplement; 27 (1): S10-7), they discuss the need for multiple visits by skilled practitioners to undertake the more traditional forms of compression such as bandaging.

In a changing NHS there is a need to adopt a different approach and embrace different ways of delivering compression therapy and ReadyWrap is an clinically and cost effective, comfortable, easy to use solution.

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