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Regional Business Manager – North West & North Wales

The successful candidate will lead by example and demonstrate a consistent ability to hold the context of any given leadership situation, upholding the highest standards of business and ethical practice whilst always acting with the highest degree of personal integrity

Leading a small team of Account Managers and Regional Clinical Advisors and contributing cross-functionally within the management team, this individual will never lose sight of the commercial imperative.

This leader will embrace and be a key contributor in shaping the L&R culture. Keeping the customer at the heart of everything we do, they will be hands-on in coaching their team to develop a local strategy and tactical plan from the over-arching national strategy. This will mean that their team will be absolutely clear on their goal, highly motivated to achieve their objectives, but just as importantly the team and its individual members will operate in a way that is congruent with L&R’s values and behaviours at all times.

As part of a learning organisation, this leader will optimise every opportunity to seek to understand both on a personal and team level, continually developing in all areas. They will see and embrace the value in difference, and how this can enhance our ideas, strategy and implementation. They will manage their own and others energy, coaching at every opportunity, whilst applying the same level of expectation of accountability for themselves as with others.

Being highly organised and appropriately self-reliant will assist this leader to drive their team and business to success. In leading from the front the successful candidate will build and maintain a repertoire of influential customer contacts, at both Key and Strategic decision maker levels, to ensure that both local objectives are achieved and national requirements from the multi-disciplinary team, for access to key personnel, are satisfied.

Highly self-aware the successful candidate will demonstrate courageous leadership. They will earn and engender respect through their interactions with internal and external stakeholders at all levels and they will not shy away from challenging issues – nor will they hesitate to seek assistance or guidance when it is required.

This leaders self-awareness will allow them to see the signs in themselves and others of anything that might negatively influence personal wellbeing. They will take the wellbeing of themselves and their colleagues as being of prime importance and will act accordingly in the best interests of all.

Interested parties should submit their CV and covering email to HR@uk.LRMed.com

L&R Medical UK Limited are an equal opportunities employer.

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