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Early Intervention Pack

Immediate access to Activa British Standard Class 1 hosiery to support early intervention of venous disease progression.

Early Intervention Compression Hosiery Pack

Immediate and necessary care can prevent lower limb wounds that are non-healing, or at risk of non-healing, becoming ulcers.

To support immediate and necessary care we have launched the Early Intervention Pack to provide quick and effective, off the shelf, access to mild compression (<20mmHg), allowing for immediate treatment when a full holistic assessment is not possible or delayed.*

Early Intervention Packs contains:

  • x10 pairs of Activa British Standard Class 1 (14-17mmHg)
  • x2 of each size (S, M, L, XL and XXL)
  • Below knee stocking
  • Sand
  • Open toe

Ordering information

Product: Activa® Class 1 (14-17mmHg) British Standard Hosiery
Quantity: 10 pairs (x2 of each size)
Colour: Sand
Description: Below knee Open toe
Reference: 148849

*The National Woundcare Strategy Programme (NWCS, 2021) recommends the use of mild compression (<20mmHg or less) as a component on the immediate care for wounds on the lower limb, providing ‘red flag symptoms’ (such as arterial insufficiency) are excluded. More information on the National Wound Care Strategy

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