Cellona Shoecast Walking Heel

For physiologically correct movement with a walking cast and for protection against moisture and dirt.

Key benefits

Walking sole with a high degree of lengthwise and widthwise stability, plus maximum ground contact.

The anatomical shape permits natural heel-to-toe movement. The highly abrasion-resistant sole profile prevents slipping, while the foamed material cushions every step.

A built-up heel cup and cross-over straps, with infinitely adjustable Velcro closure, ensure a secure fit.

Walking sole: 100% foamed polyurethane; straps: 100% polyamide.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code Hospital code
Cellona Shoecast Adult Left 1 / Small 50860
Cellona Shoecast Adult Left 2 / Medium 50862
Cellona Shoecast Adult Left 3 / Large 50864
Cellona Shoecast Adult Right 3 / Large 50865
Cellona Shoecast Adult Right 2 / Medium 50863
Cellona Shoecast Adult Right 1 / Small 50861
Cellona Shoecast Children Left 50858
Cellona Shoecast Children Right 50859

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