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Haftan Bandages

Extra-thin, supple bandage made from white polyurethane foam which does not slip and creates a smooth, even surface, holding padding material in place under casting tapes, especially in combination with synthetic material.

Key benefits

The fine, open-pored surface of Haftan allows the individual turns of the bandage to adhere well to each other, thus preventing slippage even on the skin. The PU foam reduces any penetration of moisture.

Haftan is also used for joint supports (sports), combined with adhesive bandages or tape.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
Extremely thin bandage (6 pieces) 0.8mm x 7cm x 27.5m 22315
Extremely thin bandage (6 pieces) 0.8mm x 10cm x 27.5m 22316

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