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Get more Active!

Walking is free, ideal for people of all ages and one of the easiest ways to get more active.

Walking tips...

Dress for the occasion

Thanks to the unpredictable British weather, you can never be quite sure what a day outside will entail! It is good to try and wear a few layers whilst out walking so that you can peel one off if you get too hot and vice versa. And obviously a waterproof jacket is a must!

Comfortable walking shoes is a must

Wearing supple hiking boots, especially in the winter when the ground is wet or slippery is a good idea, along with a pair of support socks underneath for comfort.

More on compression socks

Take the essentials

Make sure you take the essentials with you whilst out on a walk. A bottle of water, healthy snacks such as dried fruits and nuts, a fully charged mobile phone and map are all useful items to have in a rucksack.

Join a local walking group

If you’re new to walking then you can always join a local walking group. It’s a great way to meet new friends, as well as helping you to keep motivated. Walking for Health’s Walk Finder allows you to search for organised walks near you

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