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Travel tips

Simple steps to keep your legs healthy and feeling good whilst you travel

Here are a few travel tips, which might help you when travelling:

Keep warm

A long haul flight can be quite chilly. Try and remember to pack some warm socks and a light pashmina which can be used as a blanket if you start to feel a bit cold.

Protect against DVT

If you are on a flight make sure you wear compression socks, which look and feel the same as normal socks. Read more about DVTs

Keep hydrated

Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated; make sure you have a small bottle of water to hand wherever you're going.

Stretch your legs

Take all opportunities to get up and stretch your legs during a flight. When the aircraft say it is safe to do so, try to walk up and down the aisle every hour. If this is not always possible, do a few leg exercises, such as rotating your ankles and lifting your knees while sat down in your seat.

Even if you’re travelling for only a few hours in a car, make sure you take regular breaks and stretch your legs. It may only be for ten minutes, but a quick stroll in the fresh air will do you the world of good!

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