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Who would benefit from compression hosiery?

L&R compression hosiery can help with:

  • Tired, aching legs, especially at the end of the day
  • Reddish/brown staining above the ankle
  • Sores that appear within the stained skin
  • Itchy patches above the ankle
  • Wounds or knocks that are slow to heal
  • Varicose veins that are visible and painful
  • Throbbing and/or swollen legs

Not suitable for:

Diabetics or those who have arterial disease or congestive cardiac failure.

If in any doubt speak to your nurse or doctor.

Putting on Compression Hosiery?

Compression Hosiery can be difficult to put on, particularly if patients have limited mobility or hand movement.

In this instance the ActiGlide application aid may be of help. Alternatively you can download our step-by-step application guide or watch our application video.

ActiGlide Application Aid

Replacing hosiery

Compression hosiery is recommended for 100 washes, or approximately 3 months’ wear. Ideally re-measure every 6 months.

Measuring and sizing

Measuring the customer for compression hosiery

In order to work effectively compression hosiery must be the correct size and apply the right amount of pressure to the leg. Remember that customers may feel embarrassed about having their legs measured.

Standard Measuring Guide
Watch Measuring Guide

Always ensure that you:

  • Fully explain the measuring procedure and that the effectiveness of compression hosiery is dependent on the garment being the appropriate size for them.
  • Take your customer to a private area.
  • Start the measurements at the top of the leg and work your way down, explaining what you are doing. This can help prevent customers becoming concerned about how high up the leg you will be measuring.


  • If a customer will fit into more than one compression size Activa generally would recommend the smaller size to ensure the most effective compression.
  • If you have a particularly long limb to accommodate, you should recommend the larger size.
  • Weight gain or loss can affect the size required. if the customer has problems with swelling they may require ActiLymph hosiery to manage this.

Activa hosiery sizer

Find products and Ordering codes from our Compression Hosiery range using condition, class and sizing information.

Get sizing


Some customers will not fit into the Activa or ActiLymph standard stock size hosiery and it is vital that they are not just given the nearest size. Hand made and delivered within 5 days, the Activa and Credenill partnership are the UK’s leading supplier of Made to Measure hosiery.

Made to Measure hosiery



An easy way to ensure you stay up to date with our compression hosiery range and provide great customer care.

Module 1: A CPD Guide to L&R Compression Hosiery

Information on the current ranges of hosiery including the best hosiery for the customer's lymphatic or venous condition. Also details how to solve common problems faced by your customer.

Download ‘A CPD Guide to Activa Compression Hosiery’

Module 2: A CPD Guide to Lower Limb Oedema

Update your knowledge of the causes and symptoms of oedema and how to best advise customers who suffer from the condition. Understand when to recommend European compression hosiery.

Download ‘A CPD Guide to Lower Limb Oedema’

Module 3: A CPD Guide to Great Customer Care

Understand common leg conditions affecting your customers how to match compression hosiery to your their needs. Identify if British Standard or European hosiery is the best option.

Download ‘A CPD Guide to Great Customer Care’


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