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Introducing New Debrisoft Lolly. Debrisoft’s unique, patented Monofilament Fibre TechnologyTM is now available in a sterile, single-use lolly for debriding cavity wounds and hard-to-reach areas.

  • Sterile, single-use monofilament fibre head with a handle
  • Features Debrisoft’s proven, patented Monofilament Fibre Technology™
  • Ideal for surgically invasive and hard-to-reach wounds
  • Lifts, binds and removes superficial slough and debris including biofilms quickly and easily
  • X-ray detectable thread – safer for patients
  • Strong and flexible handle – easy to use
  • Visible markings help to gauge wound depth

Debrisoft - also available as a pad


Indications for use:

  • Prior to using Debrisoft, a full holistic assessment should be completed.
  • Wash off any emollients before using Debrisoft.
  • Always fully moisten Debrisoft Lolly with tap water or saline before use. (Always refer to local guidelines.)
  • Debrisoft Lolly does not contain latex.
  • Debrisoft Lolly is for single-use only.
  • Where very stubborn slough or hard necrosis is present, treatment by autolytic debridement, using dressings prior to treatment with Debrisoft Lolly would be advised. Consider ActiformCool, Suprasorb X or Subrasorb X + PHMB according to wound conditions and product indications.
  • Following the use of Debrisoft, reassess the wound/skin before selecting an appropriate dressing/therapy.
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to use Debrisoft on more than one occasion.
  • Larger areas may take longer to treat, depending on the amount of slough, debris or hyperkeratosis present.


  • Debrisoft Lolly must not be used as a wound dressing.
  • Do not cut Debrisoft Lolly.
  • Debrisoft Lolly should never be introduced into wounds with an opening smaller than the size of the head. Core width of the Debrisoft Lolly head is 1.9cm.
  • Debrisoft Lolly should not be used if there is a known sensitivity to any components of the product (100% polyester head, 100% polypropylene handle).

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code Hospital code
Debrisoft Lolly 5x2.7cm* 398-5124 ELZ728

*These are the dimensions of the monofilament fibre head of Debrisoft Lolly only. Core width is 1.9cm.

Debrisoft is recommended for use by NICE

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Debrisoft’s unique mode of action makes it easier to use and less expensive than other debridement methods.

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