How to use Flivasorb & Flivasorb adhesive

Twice as absorbant for highly exuding wounds


Clean the wound in accordance with local protocol and the wound edges patted dry.


Flivasorb should be applied with the blue side facing away from the wound and should extend beyond the wound by about 2-3cm. Avoid creases or folds in the dressing.


Flivasorb requires secondary fixation (e.g compression or retention bandages as appropriate).

Dressing change frequency

Change when the absorbent capacity of the dressing has been reached dependent on the individual wound condition. Flivasorb may remain in place for up to 7 days if the absorption capacity had not been reached.


Select the most appropriate shape and size of Flivasorb, following assessment of the area to which it will be applied. For example, for a leg ulcer a rectangular dressing up the limb, rather than around it may be the most suitable.

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