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Vliwasorb® Pro (Vlee-Va-Zorb Pro)

Highly conformable dressing for highly exuding wounds

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In detail

Vliwasorb® Pro may be used as a primary wound dressing – its integrated wound contact layer negates the need to use an additional contact layer underneath – saving budget.

Key benefits

Improved absorbency. The spherical structure of the polymers provide greater surface area, giving Vliwasorb® Pro greater absorbency capacity than Flivasorb®*.

Up to 25% improvement in absorption capacity (g/100cm2)*

Up to 25% improvement in absorption capacity (g/100cm2)

10% improvement in absorption capacity under pressure (g/100cm2)

10% improvement in absorption capacity under pressure

Comfort and conformability

Ergonomic shape, flexible design and softer absorbent core

  • easy to retain
  • comfortable for patients to wear

Effective exudate management

Very high absorbency and retention capacity

  • protects against maceration - improving peri-wound skin
  • longer dressing change intervals - saving time and money, with less disturbance of the wound
  • effective under compression - a combined approach can be taken to optimise healing potential

PRO-Efficient exudate management

  • reduces proteases (e.g. MMP’s, elastase)*
    *based on in-vitro investigations
  • reduces the formation of odours during treatment

Protection and safety

Blue clothing protection layer and smooth wound contact layer

  • atraumatic dressing changes
  • protects the patient's clothing and bed linen

*Test methods as follows: 1 Absorption capacity: PV-QMS-A-011 based on DIN EN ISO 13726 2 Absorption capacity under pressure: internal method description MB 44 based on SMTL TM-414

Features in detail

  • Rounded edges and ergonomic shape **for good conformability** with wide edges for **high wearing comfort**

    Rounded edges and ergonomic shape for good conformability with wide edges for high wearing comfort

  • Blue clothing protection layer **protects clothes and bed linen**

    Blue clothing protection layer protects clothes and bed linen

  • Smooth wound contact layer **for atraumatic dressing changes**

    Smooth wound contact layer for atraumatic dressing changes

Recommended e-learning modules

Vliwasorb® Pro

Exudate management with superabsorbent dressings. Vliwasorb, its structure, mode of action, indications and contraindications.

Wound exudate

The role of exudate in wound management.

Common questions

  • What is a Superabsorbent Polymer (SAP)?

    Superabsorbent polymers (SAP) are polymers that can absorb several times their own weight in liquid (e.g. 20 times as much fluid).

    Chemically, a SAP is a long-chain polymer consisting of a polyacrylate (typically sodium polyacrylate). When a liquid comes into contact with a SAP it will attach to these polymer chains and form a complex network structure, resulting in visible swelling and gelling.

  • Can Vliwasorb Pro be used on infected wounds?

    Vliwasorb Pro will retain some pathogens in the dressing but it will not kill them and is primarily designed for exudate management. It should never be used as the only treatment for critically colonized or infected wounds.


Indications for use:

Superficial wounds with moderate to very high levels of exudate, including:

  • Chronic wounds e.g. leg ulcers, pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, oncological wounds
  • Acute wounds e.g. partial thickness burns, postoperative wounds, trauma wounds, skin graft donor sites


  • Do not use Vliwasorb® Pro on patients sensitive to any component of the dressing.
  • Do not use Vliwasorb® Pro in cavity wounds, as the dressing will expand upon absorption of exudate.
  • Do not use Vliwasorb® Pro on lightly or non-exuding wounds.
  • Do not cut or tear Vliwasorb® Pro.
  • It is not necessary to use a contact layer underneath Vliwasorb® Pro, as Vliwasorb® Pro has an integrated wound contact layer.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
Superabsorbent Dressing 12.5cm x 12.5cm 32641 399-9893 EJA218
Superabsorbent Dressing 12.5cm x 22.5cm 32642 399-9901 EJA219
Superabsorbent Dressing 22cm x 22cm 32643 399-9919 EJA220
Superabsorbent Dressing 22cm x 32cm 32644 399-9927 EJA221

The wider, more conformable border makes the overall size of Vliwasorb Pro larger than the equivalent Flivasorb. However the wound pad size remains the same.

Clinical evidence

First results - Case series demonstrating the performance and safety of a novel superabsorbing dressing in highly exuding wounds

Results of a survey where the product was tested on 14 patients and demonstrated good absorption capacity, improvement to surrounding skin, and a reduction in wound area over 3 weeks.

Author: Wolber et al
Publication: EWMA Poster
Date: May 1st, 2017


Introducing a new superabsorbent dressing to manage wound exudate

Introduction to managing exudate, with 3 cases studies using Vliwasorb Pro, resulting in reduced nursing time and increased comfort and confidence for the patients.

Author: Joy Tickle
Publication: BJN Tissue Viability Supplement
Date: October 1st, 2017


A multi-therapy approach using wound bed preparation, super-absorbent dressing and compression to achieve a quick and effective exudate solution for venous leg ulcers

Evaluation of a three step treatment plan for patients with highly exuding leg ulcers. Significant improvements were seen in this 4 week trial, where 80% of the patients had wounds of 12 month+ duration - this resulted in 58% reduction in nurse visits.

Author: Grimmett-Bate et al
Publication: Wounds UK Poster
Date: November 1st, 2018


National Multi Centre Evaluation of a new Superabsorbent Dressing

A product improvement with a new wider border and more conformable shape was evaluated and demonstrated clear advantages for clinicians managing exudate

Author: Rosie Bailey et al
Publication: Wounds UK Poster November 2017
Date: December 20th, 2017


A Comfortable Superabsorbent Dressing for Management of 171 Patients with Moderate-to-highly Exuding Wounds

Results of a survey completed by clinicians on the performance of Vliwasorb Pro and exudate absorption with 171 patients

Author: Georgiadis Efstathios et al
Publication: Wounds UK Poster November 2017
Date: December 19th, 2017


Binding capacity of two polyacrylate superabsorber dressings for the inflammatory proteases PMN elastase and MMP-2 in vitro

Both Flivasorb and Vliwasorb Pro are able to shortly bind large amounts of PMN elastase and MMP-2 in vitro.

Author: C Wiegand et al
Publication: Wounds UK poster 2017
Date: December 19th, 2017


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