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Tired aching legs

Legs feel heavy and ache at the end of the day or when you’ve been standing for a while. The tired, heavy feeling is often relieved by putting your feet up.


Heavy and aching legs can be a sign that the leg veins are allowing blood to flow backwards and pool, instead of traveling upwards towards your heart. This is often caused by sitting or standing for long periods.


See your nurse or GP for advice. If your legs are also swollen your nurse or GP may advise you to wear the type of compression hosiery which helps reduce swelling as well as assisting blood flow. Legs can swell for a range of reasons, and it is therefore important to have them assessed by a professional.


Activa British Standard Class 1 compression hosiery can help the flow of blood upwards towards the heart, making legs feel lighter and ache free.

Try these simple leg exercises designed to help your circulation.

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