Activa Healthcare has changed its name to L&R


Assess, Dress, Compress

Our products are designed to work together to assist in the improvement of clinical outcomes and quality of life for the patient. L&R ( formerly Activa Healthcare ) advocates a simple and systematic approach to efficient and effective wound care: ‘Assess’ the wound and surrounding skin, ‘Dress’ with an appropriate dressing and ‘Compress’ from our range of compression products.


Wound management starts with wound assessment. Time invested in assessment helps to ensure an accurate initial diagnosis and an appropriate treatment plan are made. Continual assessment means treatment can be adapted as required to ensure healing progression.

Debridement aids assessment by removing debris in order to see the wound or skin more clearly. Devitalised tissue within a wound may mask or mimic signs of infection and can create a physical barrier to assessment and healing. In order to facilitate wound healing, it is essential to remove these barriers.

Debrisoft uses patented Monofilament Fibre Technology™ which lifts superficial slough and debris, including biofilm, and binds it between the fibres, removing these barriers to healing. This is why Debrisoft has an important role in debridement. Using Debrisoft and Debrisoft Lolly means you can achieve safe, gentle and fast wound bed preparation whilst reducing the cost of care, which is why Debrisoft is recommended by NICE.

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Following ‘Assess’ and the removal of barriers to healing, selection of the most appropriate dressing for the wound will further contribute to the creation of the optimum environment for it to quickly progress towards healing.

Different wounds need different solutions, and conditions will change as the wound progresses. A dressing may be required to manage specific conditions such as excess exudate; wound pain; infection, excessive bio-burden or even a combination of all of these factors at the same time.

So whether it’s an advanced wound dressing for a complex wound, or a simple dressing to protect delicate tissue, L&R has a solution

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Chosen by healthcare professionals and wearers alike for its effectiveness, appearance, comfort and fit; L&R’s evidence based compression range offers clinical and cost effective solutions. For the prevention of venous and lymphatic disease progression, venous leg ulcer and chronic oedema management and prevention of recurrence. L&R’s comprehensive compression range consists of hosiery, adjustable wrap garments and inelastic bandages.

L&R offer a wide-range of services to support clinical education and assistance with compression product selection and ordering, including the L&R hosiery selector app.

It is important that a full holistic assessment, incorporating a Doppler assessment, is carried out prior to selection and use of compression therapy to determine suitability. Always follow National and local guidance.

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