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Activa Compression Liners

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Light compression that aids good blood flow and promotes healthier legs

Activa Liners Provide light compression for maintenance therapy, palliative care, and patients non-concordant with higher levels of compression.

Activa Liners can be layered by wearers who find the lower levels of compression easier to apply. For example, two 10mmHg liners could provide 20mmHg* compression.

The liners also form part of the Activa and AcitLymph Leg Ulcer Hosiery Kits. As part of the Activa and ActiLymph Hosiery Kit, the silky liner helps to protect delicate skin and retains dressings, enabling the top stocking to glide on smoothly. Leg

Ulcer Hosiery Kits can be used to treat venous leg ulcers.

Activa Compression Liners Indications & Contraindications


Activa Compression Liners Indications

  • Compression of limbs with venous disorders
  • Treatment of venous leg ulcers
  • Prevention of recurrence of venous leg ulcers and severe varicose veins
  • Ideally suitable for patients who will not accept compression bandages e.g. cosmetic reasons in younger patients


Activa Compression Liners Contraindications

  • This system may be unsuitable where there is heavy exudate and for large wounds
  • For large or irregular shaped limbs it may be more appropriate to use compression bandages
  • Padding and bandages are recommended for patients with very small limbs or with bony prominences
  • Lymphoedematous limbs should be treated with short stretch bandages e.g. Actico┬« prior to going into the leg ulcer hosiery kit
  • Diabetic patients - unless after specialist referral and under strict supervision
  • Arterial insufficiency/arterial disease/ischaemia according to vascular assessment.
  • ABPI of <0.8 unless after specialist referral and under strict supervision and regular follow up
  • Congestive cardiac failure as compression could lead to cardiac overload
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Known sensitivity to the fabric of the stockings

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Order codes

Activa Liners

10mmHg compression

Activa Liners Liners order codes
10mmHg compression

Order Codes
Small 387-0805 EGD9427 32840
Medium 387-0813 EGD9428 32841
Large 387-0821 EGD9429 32842
Xlarge 387-0839 EGD9430 32843
Xxlarge 387-0847 EGD9431 32844
Order Codes
Small 326-9750 EGD9422 88326
Medium 326-9768 EGD9423 88327
Large 326-9776 EGD9424 88328
Xlarge 326-9784 EGD9425 88329
Xxlarge 326-9792 EGD9426 88330
Order Codes
Small 311-8767 EGD9417 88321
Medium 311-8775 EGD9418 88322
Large 311-8783 EGD9419 88323
Xlarge 311-8791 EGD9420 88324
Xxlarge 311-8809 EGD9421 88325

Activa Liners Open Toe

10mmHg compression

Activa Liners Open Toe Liners Open Toe order codes
10mmHg compression

Order Codes
Small 340-3557 EGD9432 88331
Medium 340-3565 EGD9433 88332
Large 340-3573 EGD9434 88333
Xlarge 340-3581 EGD9435 88334
Xxlarge 340-3599 EGD9436 88335