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Cellona® Shoe

clinical information

Cellona Shoe is a protective, sturdy, non-slip shoe providing stability and comfort.

Cellona Shoe is designed for patients with bandaged lower limbs and feet that cannot otherwise wear shoes.

The shoe enables patients to safely return to their normal activities, helping to encourage mobility, promoting healing and improved quality of life, whilst maintaining their bandages.

Key benefits:

  • Comfort and protection of the bandaged foot

  • Adaptable to be open or closed toe - for protection whatever the weather

  • Easy to apply and fully adjustable with hook and loop fastenings

  • Can be worn on either foot

  • Safe - hardwearing, water resistant and non-slip

  • Washable

Indications for use:

The Cellona® Shoe is specifically designed for patients with bandaged lower limbs and feet that cannot wear their normal footwear, for example, those with lymphoedema, chronic oedema or venous leg ulcers.


  • Small

  • Medium

  • Large

  • Extra Large


  • Petite

  • Extra Small

Order codes

Cellona Shoe

Bandaged limb shoe replacement

Cellona Shoe Shoe order codes
Bandaged limb shoe replacement

Size Order Codes
Children Petite 30.5 385-9469 CVL126 16471
Children XS 30.5 - 36 385-9451 CVL127 16472
Adult S 36 - 39 385-9477 CVL169 16473
Adult M 39 - 41 385-9485 CVL168 16474
Adult L 41 - 43 385-9493 CVL167 16475
Adult XL 43 - 47 385-9501 CVL166 16476