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The Actico® 2C compression bandage system

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The Actico® 2C cohesive inelastic compression bandage kit is a 2 component leg ulcer kit for the perfect combination of comfort and compression.

Actico® 2C is our latex free kit for managing leg ulcers.

All the benefits of Actico® applied over a skin friendly comfort layer. Applied at 100% full stretch in a simple spiral, reducing the risk of over compression

Key benefits

  • Latex free.

  • Effective ulcer healing and oedema reduction.

  • Greater comfort at rest, which improves patient comfort and concordance.

  • Ultra low profile - patients can usually wear their normal footwear.

  • 100% cotton lining supports the use of emollients.

  • The ‘Safe-Loc®’ system aids consistent and accurate application, making team training easier.

  • Safe and effective for mobile and immobile patients.

Actico® 2C Indications & Contraindications


Actico® 2C Indications

  • Lower limb conditions where the Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) is ≥ 0.8 - ≤1.3

  • Venous leg ulcers without or with mild, uncomplicated oedema (as a result of venous insufficiency).

  • Mixed aetiology leg ulcers (ABPI 0.5-0.8) under specialist supervision (please refer to local guidelines)

  • Mobile and immobile patients.


Actico® 2C Contraindications

Not for use when ABPI <0.5


Actico® 2C Precautions

If ABPI is 0.5 – 0.8 Actico® 2C Two component leg ulcer kit can be applied with caution under strict medical or specialist supervision (Please refer to local guidelines.)

If ABPI is >1.3 further investigation may be required before Actico® is applied (please refer to local guidelines).

For patients with ankle circumference of less than 18cm and for patients with moderate- severe chronic oedema / lymphoedema, the use of Actico® inelastic cohesive compression bandages (with appropriate padding) is recommended.

As with all compression systems, caution is required when:

  • Cardiac overload is suspected

  • Patients have diabetes

  • Patients have advanced small vessel disease

  • Arterial disease is present

  • Renal failure is present

  • Rheumatoid arthritis is present

  • Known sensitivity to the bandage system

Following application if the patient shows signs of pain, reduced colour or numbness on their extremities distal to the bandage, then it should be removed immediately.

Actico®2C Two component leg ulcer kit should not be reused.

Important Information

A full holistic assessment, including Doppler, should be carried out prior to application (refer to local guidelines).

As with all compression bandage systems, training on the correct application of Actico®2C Two component leg ulcer kit is recommended.

Useful Videos

Activa Actico 2C Application

Clinical evidence

Wound healing centres

A multi-centre non-comparative evaluation of a new two component short stretch compression bandage system

16 patient study trialling Actico2C, found to be comfortable and effective at treating uncomplicated leg ulcers,with or without oedema.

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Evaluation of a new two component inelastic bandage compression kit

16 patients with leg ulcers and mild oedema evaluated Actico2C. All patients described Actico2C as "very comfortable" meaning concordance was not an issue.

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Order Codes

Two component leg ulcer kit

Cohesive inelastic compression bandage kit

Actico2C Two component leg ulcer kit Two component leg ulcer kit order codes
Cohesive inelastic compression bandage kit

Size 1 unit
18-25cm 10cm x 6m 376-5203 EGJ183 31770
25-32cm 10cm x 9m 376-5211 EGJ184 31771

Compression Layer

Actico2C Compression Layer Compression Layer order codes

Size 1 unit
10cm x 6m 378-0707 ECA245 31773

Comfort Layer

Actico2C Comfort Layer Comfort Layer order codes

Size 1 unit
10cm x 3.5m 378-0699 ECA246 31772