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An ionic sheet hydrogel which donates or absorb fluid to maintain an optimal level of moisture in the wound bed

ActiFormCool® is an ionic sheet hydrogel dressing that reduces wound pain and provides an immediate cooling effect, especially if the skin or wound is hot and inflamed.

ActiFormCool® dynamically responds to the moisture level in the wound, either donating or absorbing exudate, to create and maintain the optimal moist wound environment.

Key benefits

  • Reduces wound pain by cooling inflamed tissue and bathing nerve endings

  • Dynamically responds to the wound environment to treat the underlying causes of pain

  • Removing devitalised tissue by donating moisture to dry wounds and absorbing exudate from wet wounds

  • Pain is managed throughtout wear time - not just at dressing change

  • Gentle even on the most fragile skin

  • Effective under compression therapy

What conditions can ActiFormCool® be used for?

To manage nociceptive wound pain, to assist in autolytic debridement by hydration of necrotic and devitalized tissue and for reabsorption of exudate.

Suitable for painful wounds and skin conditions such as leg ulcers, radiation therapy damage, partial thickness burns and scalds.

It may also be used under suitable secondary dressings where appropriate. ActiFormCool can be used under compression therapy on moderate exudating wounds

ActiFormCool® Indications & Contraindications

Indications for Use

As a primary dressing to assist in autolytic debridement by hydrating necrotic and sloughy tissue and absorbing exudate. Suitable for painful skin and wound conditions e.g. leg ulcers, burns, scalds and radiation therapy damage. Suitable on neonates and those with vulnerable skin. Can be used with secondary dressings.


ActiFormCool® should not be used as a covering on deep, narrow cavities or sinuses. Do not use ActiFormCool on patients sensitive to any of the components of the dressing.


Haemostasis should be achieved prior to dressing application.

How to use ActiFormCool®

Prepare and position

Clean wound in accordance with local guidelines and ensure wound edges are dry. Peel off one side of the white plastic liner and position the dressing. Smooth in place and remove remaining liner. Cut to size if required. Large areas can be treated with several dressings used side by side.

Secure and layer

Secure with a suitable bandage, tape or compression system. Where extra absorbency is required the dressing may be layered by removing the top liner of the first dressing and then applying a second dressing.


The dressing can be removed in one piece if the gel has not yet formed. If the gel has formed, wash it off gently with water or saline.

Changing instructions

  • ActiFormCool® should be changed as often as the wound/condition dictates.

  • As with all absorptive dressings, frequent monitoring is required to ensure the dressing does not dry out.

  • The dressing should be changed when it becomes cloudy or opaque from fluid absorption.

Clinical Evidence

Wounds UK Journal,

Measuring outcomes with complex patients: an audit of the effect of ActiFormCool on painful wounds

6 month audit on 21 patients with painful wounds. ActiFormCool made significant improvement to patients' lives.

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Trudie Young Lecturer in Tissue Viability

The use of an ionic hydrogel in a neonate with a necrotic extravasation injury

Case study of a neonate with an extravasation injury resulting in a necrotic lesion in area of Achilles tendon. Complete debridement achieved.

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Hydrogel Dressing

ActiFormCool ActiFormCool order codes
Hydrogel Dressing

Size 1 pack
5cm x 6.5cm 315-5553 ELE083 88300
10cm x 10cm 304-8352 ELE055 88301
10cm x 15cm 304-8360 ELE056 88302
20cm x 20cm 342-8141 ELE020 88303