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Leading comfortable conversations with our motivational interviewing guide and dialogue tool

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Welcome to L&R' shared self-care resource centre! We are proud leaders of shared self-care for people living with and treating venous leg ulcers in the UK. This resource centre includes the following documents and materials to help clinicians work collaboratively with patients and transition onto a successful and sustainable shared self-care plan:

  • Shared self-care Best Practice Statement

  • Leading comfortable conversations - The Dialogue Tool document

  • Dialogue Tool cue cards

  • Dialogue Tool - LeaRn on Demand video mini series

  • External Resources

Clinician-to-Patient Dialogue Tool

Starting the conversation around self-care can help to facilitate a more helpful and positivec discussion, which will leave your patient feeling more confident in their ability to effectively self-care for their condition and general wellbeing.

That's why we have worked with industry experts in devising our dialogue tool to help clinicians lead with comfortable conversations around shared self-care.

Download the full guide today via our free e-learning centre, LeaRn on Demand. Log in or sign up today!

Motivational interviewing cue cards

Check out our handy Dialogue Tool cue cards, which can be downloaded and printed or ordered from your L&R account manager.

These handy go-to's provide guideance and advise when approaching certain conversations around shared self-care with your patients.

To download your set of conversation cards, simply visit our LeaRn on Demand, Dialogue dashboard today.

LeaRn on-the-go with our Dialogue Tool mini series

Watch our series of videos which help enable you to have comfortable conversations with your patients when approaching the subject of shared self-care.

At L&R, we appreciate approaching the topic of self-care isn't always easy and can be challenging for both the clinician and the patient.

In this series we break down the key communication points on how to approach conversations and what to avoid for optimal and agreed outcomes.

LeaRn on-the-go with our Dialogue Tool mini series


Where can I view the whole series?

To watch the remaining series of videos, check out our free e-learning platform, LeaRn on Demand, where you can access the entire library of learning resources including videos, learning modules, certificates and documents, simply log in or sign up for free access today!

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