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The Debrisoft range effectively prepares wounds to heal by simply removing barriers to healing

The entire Debrisoft® Family benefits from patented monafilament fibre technology™.

Each tool has millions of fibres, each cut and angled at different lengths designed to lift, bind and remove bacteria, helping to remove barriers to healing.

Mechanical debridements most evidenced form of safe, effective debridement, recommended by NICE (2019).

Removes barriers to healing such as debris, slough, bacteria and biofilm all of which have an impact on exudate production and progression to healing.

Advantages of Debrisoft®

  • removes debris rapidly, simply and effectively

  • gentle on newly formed granulation tissue and already established epithelial cells

  • high patient acceptance as virtually painless to use

  • Debrisoft removes up to 99.9%* of biofilm

* For successful biofilm management, antimicrobial treatment is required after the wound has been cleansed with Debrisoft.

Debrisoft recommended by NICE as part of the management of acute or chronic wounds in the community.

Meet The Debrisoft® family

A shape and size for your every clinical need.

Indications for use:

  • Debridement of superficial, chronic and acute wounds and the skin surrounding the wound.

  • diabetic ulcers

  • arterial and venous ulcers

  • decubitus ulcers

  • postoperative wounds healing by secondary intention

  • traumatic or surgical wounds (e.g. abrasions, incisions, lacerations)

  • burns and scalds (3rd degree: following surgical debridement)

  • lymphoedema

  • Suitable for dry, parchment-like, hyperkeratotic, seborrhoeic or oily healthy or damaged skin.

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Clinical Evidence

Dermatological Nursing, 2018, Vol 17, No 2

A review of Debrisoft in the management of a variety of dermatological conditions

Debrisoft has recently had its clinical indication extended to include dermatological conditions such as eczema and psoriasis

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Journal of wound care

An audit to assess the impact of prescribing a monofilament

The aim of this audit was to show evidence of the monofilament fibre debridement pad’s impact on wound treatment costs through an analysis of NHS wound-care prescribing data in England.

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Wounds UK Poster November 2017

Debridement and wound bed preparation using Debrisoft® in a large lower limb haematoma

Debridement and wound bed preparation in the management of a haematoma should more often include the use of Debrisoft®, not just in patients who are not suitable for theatre and anaesthetic but to prevent where possible unnecessary, time consuming and expensive theatre and surgical time.

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Clare Morris, Senior Clinical Services Manager, L&R

Evaluating the removal of bacteria and biofilm with monofilament fibre debridement technology, compared to a cleaning product using a wound intelligence device

To evaluate the performance of monofilament fibre debridement technology* compared to a pre-moistened cleansing and debridement cloth** in the removal of bacteria and biofilm using a wound intelligence device*** which leverages the principles of fluorescence.

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Order codes

Debrisoft Pad

Wound debridement

Debrisoft Pad Pad order codes
Wound debridement

Size 5 pack
10 x 10 358-1287 ELZ963 34321
13 x 20 409-0361 ELZ964 34323

Debrisoft Lolly

Wound debridement

Debrisoft Lolly Lolly order codes
Wound debridement

Size 5 pack
5 x 1.9 x 16 398-5124 ELZ728 33224