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RosidalĀ® Soft

clinical information

Skin-friendly, latex-free polyurethane foam bandage, for use under compression bandages.

RosidalĀ® Soft padding is used under compression bandages in lymphoedema, chronic oedema and venous leg ulcers.

Key benefits

  • Lengthwise and widthwise stretch

  • Even distribution of pressure to compensate for minor imperfections in bandaging technique

  • Facilitates patient comfort

  • Reduces bandage slippage

  • Very permeable to air and moisture

  • Tear-resistant and stretchable

  • Retains elasticity even after repeated washing

Indications for use:

For padding to protect and/or re-shape underneath compression bandages.

Rosidal Soft is an ideal adjunct to Actico in the management of chronic oedema. Find out more by completeing our LeaRn On Demand module Chronic oedema and lymphoedema management.

Order codes


synthetic foam bandage

Rosidal Soft Soft order codes
synthetic foam bandage

Size Order Codes
10cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 380-4606 ECA274 23111
12cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 380-4614 ECA275 23112
15cm x 0.4cm x 2.5m 380-4622 ERJ034 23113