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The Actico® cohesive inelastic bandage system, tried and tested to effectively manage venous ulceration and chronic oedema

In detail

Actico is a cohesive inelastic compression bandage system. Actico is applied at 100% full stretch for accurate and easy simple spiral application – reducing the risk of over compression. A Randomised Controlled Trial showed Actico is as effective as 4L at healing ulcers in both mobile and immobile patients. Actico can be applied up to the knee or as a full leg bandage as required.

 Key benefits

  • Non slip so Actico requires fewer re-applications.
  • Patients can usually wear their normal footwear.
  • Suitable for leg ulcers with or without oedema.
  • Effective for mobile and immobile patients
  • Actico can treat the majority of limb shapes
  • Ideal for oedema or exudate reduction prior to ongoing healing with a hosiery kit
  • Patient leaflet available


Indications for use:

  • Venous leg ulcers with and without chronic oedema
  • Chronic oedema and lymphoedema
  • Mobile and immobile patients
  • ABPI >0.8 - 1.3 Actico® compression therapy can be applied. If ABPI is >1.3 further investigation may be required before Actico® is applied (please refer to local guidelines).


  • If the ABPI is 0.5 – 0.8 (venous leg ulcer with an arterial component) Actico® can be applied with caution under strict medical or vascular specialist supervision (Please refer to local guidelines.)
  • Not suitable for ankle circumference of less than 18cm unless padding is used to increase the ankle circumference to 18cm or more.


  • Significant arterial disease (ischaemia) according to vascular assessment
  • Current acute inflammatory episode
  • Acute deep vein thrombosis
  • Patients with diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis unless after specialist referral and under supervision
  • Patients with renal failure unless after specialist referral and under supervision
  • Congestive heart failure, as compression could lead to cardiac overload
  • Sensory disorders of the limb i.e. peripheral neuropathy
  • Known sensitivity to the bandage system

Following application:

  • if the patient shows signs of pain, reduced colour or numbness on their extremities distal to the bandage, then it should be removed immediately
  • Actico® should not be reused
  • As with all compression bandage systems, training on the correct application of Actico® is recommended
  • Actico® contains ultra-low sensitivity latex. If latex intolerance is suspected, the use of Actico2C or Rosidal® K 100% cotton inelastic bandage is recommended

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code Hospital code
Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage 10cmx6m 271-5431 EBA 016
Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage 4cmx6m 314-0860 EBA 030
Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage 6cmx6m 314-0878 EBA 031
Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage 8cmx6m 314-0886 EBA 032
Cohesive Short Stretch Bandage 12cmx6m 314-0894 EBA 033

Clinical evidence


Bandages may not be what the patient prefers, using bandages until the limb and wound are suitable for a hosiery kit suited this tennis playing patient.

Author: Jenny Williamson,Lol Pidcock,
Publication: Harrogate Poster
Date: November 1st, 2014


Randomised trial comparing four layer with Actico cohesive short stretch compression bandaging in the management of chronic venous ulceration

159 patients, 12 centres- Outcomes; ulcer closure 4 LB 68%, CSSB 73%. Mobility deficit did not affect healing with cohesive short stretch bandages

Author: P.Franks, M.Moody, C.Moffatt, R.Martin, R.Blewett, E.Seymour, A.Hildreth, C Hourican, J Collins, A Heron,
Date: April 1st, 2004


Clinical audit of a lymphoedema bandaging system: a foam roll and cohesive short stretch bandages

The combination of Actico and Rosidal Soft bandages reduced limb volume in patients with late stage lymphoedeama.

Author: J. Whitaker et al.
Publication: Journal of Woundcare
Date: March 1st, 2015


Innovations in compression for chronic oedema

The supplement is written for the specialist nurse or clinician with specialist skills in the management of chronic oedema, with a focus on late stage 2/3 fibrotic lymphoedema.

Author: Whitaker, Elwell, Atkin, Norris et al
Publication: British Journal of Community Nursing
Date: April 1st, 2015



A literature review was conducted to explore the efficacy of short stretch bandages versus 4 layer bandage systems

Author: Amy Pierrepont,
Publication: Harrogate Poster
Date: November 1st, 2014


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