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Compression Hosiery

Trusted and used throughout the NHS, L&R (formerly Activa Healthcare) are the leader in compression hosiery with the Activa, ActiLymph and Adore ranges and hosiery kits.

Our ranges

Chosen for its effectiveness, appearance, comfort and fit Activa and ActiLymph ranges from L&R ( formerly known as Activa Healthcare ) are designed to improve poor circulation in the arms or legs.

Sizing and measuring

In order to work effectively compression hosiery must be the correct size and apply the right amount of pressure to the leg.

Find sizes

Is Compression Hosiery right for me?

Activa compression hosiery can help with:

Not suitable for:

Diabetics or those who have arterial disease or congestive cardiac failure.

If in any doubt speak to your nurse or doctor.

Need help putting on Compression Hosiery?

Compression Hosiery can be difficult to put on, particularly if you have limited mobility or hand movement.

ActiGlide application aid may be of help. You can also download our step-by-step application guide or watch our application video.

ActiGlide Application Aid

Washing instructions

Activa hosiery can be machine washed up to 40 degrees and guaranteed for 100 washes.

Do not tumble dry or iron as this can affect the compression.

Common questions

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