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Cellona Adhesive Padding and Cast Edge Padding

Very supple adhesive padding material for non-slip application under partially padded P.o.P. and synthetic casting tapes.

Key benefits

Preferred for individually cut shapes to protect exposed support zones when applying trunk or pelvis/leg casts.

The polyacrylate adhesive is applied in strips, thus ensuring good air permeability and high skin tolerance.

Cellona® Adhesive Cast Edge Padding

For extra padding at hard edges of casts, especially with synthetic casting tapes; preferred for forearm, upper arm and tutor casts and at all potential pressure points.

Cellona® Adhesive Padding, Cellona® Adhesive Cast Edge Padding

Nonwoven padding or air-permeable needled nonwoven: 50% polyester, 30% polypropylene, 20% viscose; polyacrylate adhesive, high skin tolerance.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
Cellona Adhesive Padding 2mm x 58cm x 1m 50811 EAZ1343
Cellona Adhesive Padding (10 singles) 5mm x 19cm x 38cm 50810 EPA046
Cellona Adhesive Padding Cast Edge 2mm x 8cm x5m 50812 EPA038

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