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tg soft Tubular Padding Bandages

tg soft is the fast and safe padding alternative for P.o.P. and synthetic casts – particularly for focussed immobilisation. The soft terry cloth bandage adheres to the cast. This makes it possible to cut the cast easily to individual needs.

Key benefits

A highly extensible bandage that can be applied crease-free, does not slip and conforms to any body contour. The padding properties remain unimpaired over the whole period of wear.

High water vapour and air permeability, as well as a low absorption volume of the tightly-meshed bandage, guarantee a convincing wearer comfort. The high cotton content makes tg soft very skin-friendly.

Only three sizes needed to cover all areas of application for upper and lower extremities.

Ordering codes

LR code PIP code NHS SC
Small / 10M EPA518
Medium / 10M EPA519
Large / 10M EPA520

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