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Introducing LR Self Care solutions

A dedicated online resource to support patients, their families and carers

L&R is excited to launch a new consumer information website lrselfcare.co.uk. The site is a fantastic tool to support self-care conversations with your patients and provides easy to understand explanations about common leg conditions, how the circulatory system works, at risk groups, commonly asked questions and the benefits of compression.

Introducing LR Self Care solutions

The website is designed to simplify the key information around leg health and compression therapy

  • for patients that are already under the care of their healthcare professional

  • for people that might be looking for help and solutions on the internet and social media

  • or for healthcare professionals wanting to refresh their knowledge

The website is simple to navigate, with easy to follow educational content such as:

  • Common leg conditions

  • Benefits of compression

  • Exercises and tips for healthy legs and feet

  • Essential advice on using compression

The site showcases the full L&R product range - Activa, ActiLymph, Adore, ReadyWrap and Debrisoft, with links to our online retail partner Daylong to purchase extra pairs.

The site will be partnered by an e-newsletter offering topical articles, case studies and tips to maintain leg health, along with dedicated consumer social media channels.

The website seeks to actively support public awareness campaigns Legs Matter, leg health organisations and the national wound care strategy by empowering people with the confidence and information to look after themselves, when they can. L&R believes people can gain greater control of their own health and maintain healthy behaviours, which can help prevent ill health in the long term.

Visit the website - lrselfcare.co.uk

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