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Johnny Vegas partners with L&R to support the self-care revolution in venous leg ulcer management

We have teamed up with English actor and comedian, Johnny Vegas to launch our new self-care campaign Squeeze In

Squeeze In aims to empower people to manage their leg health to support improved outcomes and release nursing time back to care.

The campaign also emphasises the importance of self-care in boosting self-confidence and empowering those living with a venous leg ulcer to take control of their condition, by providing them with the motivation, knowledge and guidance to improve their leg health, so they are able to live life to the fullest.

In lending his support to the initiative, Johnny Vegas shared his own experience of helping his father to manage his venous leg ulcer. He stressed the importance of breaking the taboo around the condition and the value of self-care in preventing escalation, as well as helping to empower people with venous leg ulcers.

Later in life, poor circulation meant that Dad’s mobility suffered, but equally, for someone so seemingly carefree, so did his self-confidence. Despite surviving an aneurysm and beating cancer, and being open in doing so, the condition of his legs was not up for discussion. Any query, comment or attempt to lighten the discomfort of this particular ailment was considered by him to be a bit too below the belt.

As a staunch ambassador of wearing socks with sandals on holiday, I thought my Dad had peaked in terms of leg embarrassment; body shame was something I never thought I would associate with him,” he said reflecting on his dad’s experience. “It became obvious that he felt that this was a stigma.

Given his own experience, Johnny is keen to eradicate this stigma by promoting healthy conversation, as well as healthy living, as a means of better managing venous leg ulcers.

Of equal importance he said is the need to reassure people with venous leg ulcers that they are not a burden and that seeking medical care is a crucial step in managing the condition.

Please don’t take the attitude that you can just ‘walk it off’ or try to forget about,” he said. “Visit your doctor; ask for help – addressing issues early will really help in giving you tips on how you can work preventative measures into your daily routine. It’s like running a car; if you run it into the ground it can often be too late to fix it.

For Your Patients

Signpost your patients with leg conditions to join club squeeze in by visiting: www.squeezein.life where they will receive our personalised email newsletter to help them manage their leg health, including hints and tips from Johnny Vegas, our new squeeze in Ambassador.

They will also have access to a Healthy Living Booklet upon signing up. The booklet is an informative and easy-to-use guide aimed at helping people who are managing venous leg ulcers to Squeeze In healthier living.

The Healthy Living Booklet explores ways in which patients, their family and carers, can manage their condition more effectively, it covers; skin care, compression advice, healthy eating including a meal plan, tips for squeezing in movement and exercise, and the value of maintaining social contact – be it virtual or in person.

For You

We have developed a self care resource pack that you can request by signing up to club squeeze in. This will give you access to all of our self care resources to support you when measuring patients for self care solutions, as well as tools for your patients on how they can self care and improve their leg health.

You will also have access to the healthy living booklet on signing up to Club Squeeze In.

Sign up to Club Squeeze In today: www.squeezein.life