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L&R wins ‘Best Collaborative Campaign’ at The Woundies Awards 2020

Wound Care Today’s Digital and Social Media Awards - Recognising digital excellence and innovation

We’re delighted to share that together with Wound Care Today, L&R’s Clinical Leadership for Lower Limb Self Care Facebook group has won the award for ‘Best Collaborative Campaign’ for our innovative approach to supporting clinicians through an engaged community.

The group was launched in April 2020 as a digital offering to L&R and Wound Care Today's Clinical Leadership Programme educational events. The two organisations worked together to provide virtual education for healthcare professionals who had limited access to face-to-face events during the pandemic

The group is aimed at healthcare professionals who treat patients with lower limb conditions. The main aim of the group is to provide a safe space for education, sharing best practice and empowering patients. L&R and Wound Care Today share educational content, clinical evidence, polls, encourage conversation and host monthly Leg Chat Lives and Watch Parties with speakers such as Leanne Atkin and Rebecca Elwell.

Since launch, the group now has a community of lower limb enthusiasts totaling 1.5K members from across the world, who are passionate about making a difference and championing self and shared care.

If you’re interested in joining the Clinical Leadership for Lower Limb Self Care Facebook group, click here.

We were also finalists for two other Woundies Awards 2020...

'Best Social Media Campaign' for our social media myths and truths campaign that supports education and myth busting on leg health

'Best Patient Engagement' for our new patient focused self-care campaign, Squeeze In, with leg health ambassador, Johnny Vegas. Squeeze In aims to raise awareness of leg conditions and support patients by providing them with the knowledge and support to self-care.

Whether you're a patient, carer, or healthcare professional, join Club Squeeze In today by clicking here.