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Needwood Primary Students Transform L&R's Sustainability Area

The Ponder Place at L&R HQ in Needwood gets a makeover!

In June, we welcomed local students from Needwood Primary School to help us update our sustainability area at L&R!

Sustainability is hugely important to us at L&R UK and is ingrained in our core values and operations. We also believe that sustainability is a collective effort, so in June we welcomed students from Needwood Primary School to help us to transform The Ponder Place, our sustainability area at our UK HQ.

The 14 students from Year 6 at Needwood Primary School identified how they would like to transform the space with a sustainability focus, which included planting flowers, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

We upcycled broken pallets from our warehouse to create our planters, and the students spent time filling them with compost, planting roses, sage, chives and strawberries.

The students also learnt which plants complement each other, and how the different types of soil support different plants. To end the day, the planters were then painted in an array of beautiful colours by the students.

Needwood Primary students transform L&R's sustainability area

Our Director of People Operations, Darren Glover says this about the initiative "We are always looking for ways where we can meet our environmental, financial and sustainability goals, and this project is a great example of how a small act can be used to improve understanding, educate and inspire".

It was a great day of fun, learning and supporting the environment!