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The L&R Compression Reminder Service

Supporting your patients to Squeeze In leg health

The national picture

Venous leg ulcers almost always recur unless preventive measures are implemented, with rates of recurrence three months post healing reported to be as high as 70%1. To reduce the risk of leg ulcer recurrence it is vital that patients continue to wear their compression garment(s).

At L&R, we are passionate about educating and supporting patients to empower them to manage their own health care needs. That's why we have launched the Compression Reminder Service as part of Club Squeeze In.

The L&R Compression Reminder Service aims to remove barriers to renewal and empower patients to maintain their ongoing treatment plan, reducing the financial burden to the NHS and releasing nursing time to care.

The reminder service supports your patients to take care of their leg health, by giving them a nudge when it’s time to renew their compression garments - 6 months from the date they started wearing their compression.

Supports ongoing treatment

Your patients can receive email and/or text reminders, alerting them 6 months from when they started wearing their garment that it's time to renew

Quick and easy to set up

Your patients can log in or sign up to Club Squeeze In, fill in their details and press activate

Multiple ways to renew

When it's time to renew their compression garment we'll give them a little nudge so that they can go back to their healthcare professional or order directly via our online shop