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Silver Winners at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024

L&R UK is delighted to announce that in partnership with Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust we won Silver in the the Most Effective Contribution to Clinical Redesign at the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 for our project... Transforming lower limb community wound care: eliminating chronic leg ulceration in the future, in recognition of outstanding dedication to improving healthcare and effective collaboration with the NHS.

The event was attended by representatives from the NHS, and both the private and third sector as well as key players from non-clinical backgrounds, all coming together to celebrate the importance of positive partnerships and acknowledging how these underpin the future sustainability of the NHS.

"We are so proud to have won silver in the Most Effective Contribution to Clinical Redesign category at this years HSJ Partnership Awards. I want to personally congratulate the dedicated staff from Mid Yorkshire and the L&R team members that have worked together to deliver transformative results. This initiative embodies our purpose to Inspire People, Improve Health and Transform Care and we hope this empowers other organisations to embrace best practice and empower patients to self care to replicate improvements nationally" Leanne Stevens, Omnichannel Communications Manager, L&R UK.

To find out more on the project:

Working in partnership with the Mid Yorkshire Community and Vascular team, L&R UK have supported the redesign of care delivery for leg ulcer patients to reduce nursing hours and associated costs of care, improve patient and workforce wellbeing, and improve nursing workforce retention.

This consisted of:

  • Implementation of the Lower Limb Wound Pathway (Atkin & Tickle 2016) to standardise care service-wide

  • Implementation of the leg ulcer champion model to build competency and capability in the clinical workforce

  • Empowering patients to self care, releasing nursing capacity

L&R UK are dedicated to supporting trusts to transform patients LIVES with venous leg ulceration, reducing the burden on the NHS and improving patient quality of life.

If you’re interested in implementing the Leg Ulcer Treatment Pathway, or for further information on how L&R can improve outcomes in wound care, contact our team.

HSJ Partnership Awards

HSJ editor Alastair McLellan comments: “HSJ created the Partnership Awards in 2018 to celebrate and recognise the vital contribution made by the suppliers of goods and services to the quality and development of British healthcare.

“This year’s awards demonstrate there is almost no NHS clinical or support service which does not rely – sometimes almost completely – on the efforts of external suppliers.

“Almost any attempt to improve NHS productivity – the service’s greatest challenge - without working in concert with suppliers starts at a major disadvantage. Indeed, many of the best ideas for improving productivity do and will come from suppliers. Every one of the businesses on the Partnership Awards shortlist has shown the kind of thinking and determination it takes to deliver change in healthcare services. They should all be very proud of the efforts, our 28 winners especially so.”

The winners were selected following a rigorous two-stage judging process ahead of the HSJ Partnership Awards 2024 awards ceremony. The full list of Winners and those Highly Commended for the 2024 HSJ Partnership Awards can be found at https://partnership.hsj.co.uk/winners-2024