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Bandage padding

Flexiban® padding bandage

clinical information

For protection and re-shaping underneath compression bandaging.

Flexiban® padding is used under compression bandaging to protect the limb, especially prominent bony areas, and to re-shape where there is distortion of the limb to allow for graduated compression.

Key benefits:

  • Protection of soft tissue and bony areas

  • Easy to apply - strong enough to permit circular turns, but easy enough to tear as required

  • Breathable and air-permeable

  • Lightweight and conforms well to the shape of limb

  • Flexible for re-shaping of distorted limbs

Order Codes


Padding Bandage

Flexiban Flexiban order codes
Padding Bandage

Size 12 units
10cm x 3.5m 271-5423 EBA070 88572