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Cellona Adhesive Padding and Cast edge padding

clinical information

Very supple adhesive padding material for non-slip application under partially padded P.o.P. and synthetic casting tapes.

Cellona Adhesive Padding

No pressure: padding made easy

Cellona Padding is used as a supple, non-slip application for partially padded plaster and synthetic casts at all pressure-sensitive areas. It is used to prevent pressure points, thus enhancing wearing comfort.

Air-permeable and self-adhesive

The air-permeable material is also self-adhesive, preventing slippage. This is due to a skin-friendly adhesive which is applied in strips to the padding. The padding is available in various sizes and strengths, in a foil pouch or in a roll.

Product composition

50 % polyester, 30 % polypropylene, 20 % viscose

CellonaCast Edge Padding

On the cutting edge: protection of pressure-sensitive areas

Cellona Cast Edge Padding is used for non-slip application to all pressure-sensitive areas around the edges of plaster and synthetic casts. The padding prevents pressure points while at the same time ensuring wearing comfort.

Non-slip and adhesive

Cellona Cast Edge Padding has exactly the same properties as Cellona Padding. The product is self-adhesive due to the application of a skin-friendly adhesive over the entire surface.

Product composition

50 % polyester, 30 % polypropylene, 20 % viscose

Order Codes

Cellona Adhesive Padding

Cellona Adhesive Padding Adhesive Padding order codes

Size Roll 10 Singles
2mm x 58cm x 1m - EAZ1343 50811 - - -
5mm x 19cm x 38cm - - - - EAZ1346 50810

Cellona Cast Edge Padding

Cellona Cast Edge Padding Cast Edge Padding order codes

Size Order Codes
2mm x 8cm x 5m - EPA038 50812